One Chance to Recover Lost Data Caused by Virus Attack

Infected by Virus

There are different types of viruses that attack a computer every day. Some types of malware such as viruses, worms, Trojan, horses, rootkits, and spyware can infect, backtrack, or damage the operate system.

Deleted by Anti-virus software

If you are not backing up your data. It can get damaged due to viruses and affect the files on your computer causing data loss.

Computer Crashed

Recoverit can help you to retrieve data back from any damaged or corrupted storage drive. It has a 96% success rate and recovers the data efficiently.

Lost Your Data in the Last 7 Days?We Can Recover it Within 5 Minutes

Recoverit is an efficient data recovery software; it can get your lost data back in 5 minutes.

USB Drive

USB Drive Recovery

Recover any type of data in a USB Drive to meet all the data lost scenarios.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera Recovery

Recover photos and vidoes from digital camera with advanced algorithm support.


Camcorder Video Recovery

Provide a data recovery solution for a camcorder to recover videos.

Memory Card

Memory Card Recovery

Recover various types of data on a memory card and other external removable cards.

iPod/MP3/MP4 Player

iPod/MP3/MP4 Player Recovery

Recover music on iPod/MP3/MP4 Player with a high recovery rate.

SD Card

SD Card Recovery

Restore data including pictures, videos, documents, etc. on SD Card.


CF/XD/MMC Card Recovery

Recover deleted data from CF/XD/MMC Card or data from formatted CF/XD/MMC Card.

And Other More

And Other

Provide full comprehensive data solutions for all devices including computers, laptops, hard drive, external disk and etc.

Recover Lost Data Caused by Virus Attack in Simple Steps

Step 1. Select "Virus Attack Data Recovery" Mode

Download and install Recoverit on the computer. Launch it and select the "Virus Attack Data Recovery" Mode to recover lost data or deleted files caused by virus attack.

Step 2. Select the Virus-Infected Devices

The scanning process will get started automatically. It will quickly scan and search files from your computer or any devices which were affected by virus attack. The processing speed is significantly fast although it will be affected by your data size.

Step 3. Deep Scan with All-Around Recovery

If you cannot find your data after the quick scanning process, you can click "All-Around Recovery" to search more files deeply from your device.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Your Data

After the scan, you can preview the photo files and make sure the files were found. Select the targeted files which you like to recover and click "Recover" button to save your files.

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Tips & Tricks For Virus Attack Data Recovery

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