How to Use Recoverit Pro

Formatted Disk Recovery

Step 1: Select a recovery mode

please launch Recoverit, and select a recovery mode. The "Formatted Disk Recovery" mode will help you retrieve data from a formatted hard drive, USB drive, memory card or other devices.

select formatted disk recovery mode

Step 2: Select a location to scan formatted data

Please select the formatted hard disk where you lost your data, like computer hard disk, external storage devices. Click "Start" button to scan the data.

select a formatted disk to scan data

Step 3: Scan the formatted hard disk

Recoverit will start a basic scan, it will take a while to scan the formatted hard disk.

scan and search data from formatted hard disk

After the scanning, Recoverit will list all the files on the left by file folders or file types. You can select the targeted files to preview and click "Recover" button to retrieve your data back. If you cannot find your lost files, you can try "All-Around Recovery" option.

Step 4: Perform an All-Around Recovery

The "All-Around Recovery" mode can help you search more files from formatted hard disk. It will take a longer time to search deeply for the formatted hard disk.

deep scan with all-around recovery

Step 5: Preview and recover data

Recoverit allows users to preview the recoverable data. You will see the scanning results displayed by file types. You can filter any specific files and select them, click “Recover” button to get your data back.

Please do not save the files to the formatted hard disk or devices.

preview recoverable files from formatted hard disk

Tips & Tricks For Data Recovery

Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Formatting a hard drive without having a backup can result in the loss of precious data collected over the course of years.Therefore, to recover files from formatted hard drive, you will need to do the following things...

Recover Deleted Photos in Mac

The deleted photos are not really gone from your Mac, they still lie in your Mac even if you cannot see them in Trash Bin.

Recover Shift Deleted Files

With today’s technological advancements you can recover Shift Deleted files from your computers hard drive. There are powerful data recovery tools that come in sleek designs to cater for your data needs.

Recover Data from SD Card

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