Repair Corrupted Videos, Photos, Files and Audios

What to do when your videos, photos, files or audios get corrupted or fail to open? Don't worry! Here is a one-stop solution to repair corrupted videos, photos, files and audios regardless of their level of damage.
Video Repair

Make corrupted, unplayable, videos playable.

Events such as sudden power surges and failures, complete system crashes, updating errors, and file mishandling can cause video files to become inaccessible. Repairit has an intuitive interface that makes it simple for novices to repair corrupted videos quickly. It's Advanced Repair option even enables you to restore most severely damaged videos.
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Photo Repair

Repair important photos even if the photos are broken.

Photos help capture important moments, which can be precious memories of you, your loved ones, a place, or essential information. However, the files might become corrupted and unopenable. The photo repair software - Repairit allows you to fix your corrupted photos regardless of their level of damage. It also enables you to repair multiple image files at once.
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File Repair

Easily regain corrupted, inaccessible, unreadable files.

The document cannot be opened or only a part of the document content is displayed is a problem that we often encounter in our daily operations. With Repairit, you'll never lose your files due to unwanted data corruption issues. No matter the situation, Repairit can instantly fix corrupted files (PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) by following a simple 3-step process.
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Audio Repair

Restore damaged audios with all levels of corruption.

The audio can corrupt for various reasons, like virus attacks, software crashes, audio saving errors, etc. Repairit can help restore damaged audios with all levels of corruption from multiple devices with simple clicks and supports repairing a wide range of audio formats. In addition, its Advanced Repair feature enables you to restore the most severely damaged audios.
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Fix Corrupted Files Fast

Experience Repairit's Efficient 3-Click Process

Several reasons may cause your important videos, images or files to stop opening suddenly. With Repairit, you can fix your corrupted files in three simple steps, irrespective of the level of damage.

Add Files

Add corrupted videos, images or files with browse option or drag/drop facility.

Repair Files

Click the Repair button to repair the broken videos, photos or files in batch.

Preview and Save

Preview the repaired videos, photos or files, and save them to the desired location.

What Our Customer Says

"I usually keep my important files, including animations, movies, and home videos, on hand. Most of the time, these files work fine. Until recently, for some reason, the videos wouldn’t open, and it showed file corruption. I felt very desperate. My friend recommended me this fantastic software. All the corrupted videos are back. Thanks." - Amelia
"In my opinion, it is a powerful tool to repair your corrupted multimedia files. It has an attractive interface and is very user-friendly to use. It is a must-have tool for every vlogger, Youtuber, and professional videographer." - Carlotta
"My 3GP file got corrupted and I can't find any way to repair it. Finding a tool to repair 3GP files is not easy. But a friend of mine suggested this software and it works really well. This tool supports all major video formats and allows previewing the complete video, not just a small segment, before saving it on another reliable storage device." - Samantha

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